Four Technologies combined into one system

The secret of Nutraway’s ULTRA TECH unparalleled effectiveness is its unique “Multi Stage Filtration Cartridge”, utilizing a series of micro filtration devices and special absorbent compounds which are strategically layered for optimum results.
Tested and Used Worldwide!   Click HERE to read the warranty page Giving you fresh, great tasting, pure water with optimal pH balance.

Nutraway’s Ultra Tech Whole House Water System

Backwash & Bypass System

Backwashing Feature:

  • Eliminates the need for a pre-filter in most municipally treated water.
  • Backwashes away the impurities, sediment, particulate matter.
  • Fluffs, regenerates and resettles the garnet and Carico’s special media bed, preparing these stages for another filtering cycle.

Bypass System:

The bypass feature makes it convenient when the unit is being serviced or rebedded. Intended for use with municipally treated water.


The world’s most advanced point of use water filtration system

  • Convenient, Economical, Total Protection!
  • Counter top or under counter models
  • Simple, easy installation
  • High capacity cartridge
  • 10″ filters 1,000 gallons of water (2 Stages)
  • 15″ filters 1,500 gallons of water (3 Stages)
  • 20″ filters 2,000 gallons of water (3 Stages)


  • Item# FILNUUU – 10″ Stainless Steel; weight: 8 lbs
  • Item# FILNUTU – 15″ Nutri-Tech “Standard”; weight: 10 lbs
  • Item# FILNUPU – 20″ Nutri-Tech “Plus”; weight: 20 lbs


  • Item# FILNUUC – 10″ Stainless Steel; weight: 6 lbs
  • Item# FILNUTR – 15″ Nutri-Tech “Standard”; weight: 8 lbs
  • Item# FILNUPC – 20″ Nutri-Tech “Plus”; weight: 18 lbs

Portable System

For cleaner, great tasting water where and when you need it.

It’s so handy and easy to use, you can take it with you everywhere you go.

Provides approximately 5,000 eight ounce glasses of clean, better tasting water. Take it with you to work, school, gyms, restaurants, and vacations.

Simply pour your tap water in… and safer, great tasting filtered water comes out in seconds.

*Ideal for use where water supply may be unsafe, such as during emergencies and camping trips. (Just add chlorine tabs first to disinfect the water, let it dissolve & then pour it through for removal of chlorine)

Stainless Steel Insulated Vacuum Flask – Sports Bottle

  • Slip resistant rubber grip
  • Sports bottle top creates air tight seal keeping liquids cold
  • Double wall insulated stainless steel construction
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