Ultratech Sleeping Mattress

  • The only mattress in the world with a patented Grounding System.
  • Reduce levels of electromagnetic radation that surround us.
  • Reduce muscle tension and improve the levels of electromagnetic radiation.
  • Reduce healing time and decreas signs of osteoporosis developement.
  • Reduce stress levels, improve blood oxygen rates, reduce cardiovascular risk and inflammation.
  • Improve response of your immune system



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Carico’s Patented orthopedic Inner Core adapts to the shape of your body.

The benefits of our Breathable Open Cell Inner Core:

  • 2 Different Layers
  • 2 Different Densities
  • Shapes to the human body
  • Impressions return quickly
  • You will not disturb your partner.

For the Back Sleeper

  • Absorbs the heavier shoulder area
  • Maintains the support for the lumbar and pelvis areas
  • Takes the shape of your calves

For a Stomach Sleeper
This will ensure that you have proper support.

  • Shapes to the chest
  • Maintain perfect support for the stomach and pelvis
  • Shapes to the upper thigh and knees

For a Side Sleeper

  • Absorbs the heavier shoulder
  • Shapes to your pelvis
  • Supports the lower leg

Our 4-in-1 Patented Comfort System allows you to adjust you own
personal comfort level as often as you want!

Mattress is delivers in the Soft and Extra Firm settings.
Extra Firm
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